How to Find Hiedanranta - Stream Festival

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How to Find Hiedanranta

A new pedestrian and cycling connection from the underpass on Paasikiventie Road to Lielahti Manor (“Lielahden kartano”) and further to Niemenranta is open and in use. Cyclists can also access Hiedanranta by continuing onto the next underpass and passing through the Lielahti commercial area to Lielahdenkatu Street, then turning right from Lielahdenkatu towards Hiedanranta and the factory area.

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The bus stop nearest to Lielahti Manor (Lielahden kartano) is along Paasikiventie Road and called Hiedanranta; the stop numbers are 1010 (from city centre) and 1011 (to city centre). Lines 3, 3V, 21, 28A, 28B, 28C, 35, 37, 80, 85 and 85V stop at these stops.

During large public events, parking in the Hiedanranta area is challenging. At present, there are not enough parking spaces available.

Driving directions from Keskustori Central Square at Google Maps.

Stream Shuttle Bus

Free shuttle bus for Stream ticket holders. Only limited amount of seats available.

Keskustori - Hiedanranta

Bus departure location: in front of Keskustori Old Church (Vanha kirkko).
Departure times 9.10.2018:
  • 8:45*
  • 9:15*
* 2 buses waiting with capacity of 60 people each.
Non-stop until 10:00.

Hiedanranta - Keskustori - Tribe Tampere

Departure times 9.10.2018:
  • 18:00
  • 18:15
  • 20:00