Team - Stream Festival


WE NEED YOU as together we can make great things! Join us!

Looking into expanding your network?
Enthusiastic about startups?
Learning something new?
Being part of THE startup event in Tampere region?

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Kenneli D.I.Y. Indoor Skatepark

Core Team

Anna-Elina Pekonen

Sales & Partnerships Lead

Hello, I’m Ansku! I am an event producer, and for me one of the most important things in organizing events is creating links between people.

My interest is developing the startup ecosystem, and that is what we are doing!

Alexandra Santos

Program + Marketing & Communications Lead

Taking my over 10+ years corporate knowledge to good use in the startup world.

Building, leading and coaching teams.

Passport says Portugal but heart has Tampere stamped on it since 2004.

Life motto: Why not! Not afraid of exploring, trying new things and grabbing opportunities.

Markus Klöf

Startup Operations & Production Lead

I am a serial entrepreneur and have been part of different event productions from Finland to Japan.

Since moving to Tampere in 2015 I have been doing my part to develop the local startup community and ecosystem.

Co-founder at Tampere Startup Hub and Tribe Tampere, both of which are now helping startup founders and companies grow and network.

Marika Taipalus


Hey I’m Marika, product and service designer who loves to organize events! You can see my contribution to the event all around the festival area – I turn ideas into reality.

I try to ensure that the atmosphere is right for making new connections and that you can enjoy the evening with a steampunk twist!

Joonas Kujala


I'm an Industrial Engineering and Management student from Tampere University of Technology with international background from Mexico and Lebanon.

Always eager to learn new things and challenge myself. As a newcomer, I try to bring fresh ideas to the startup scene.

Kirsi Rossi


I am Kirsi, the final boss in a game startup Random Potion. I am responsible for the business development and during the last year I have been learning the practicalities of running a startup of my own.

I love different events and meeting new people and that’s why I have been actively volunteering in different events from Rails Girls to Slush.

Stream is a great opportunity to be a part of the startup ecosystem in Tampere. Hope to meet you all there!

Valtteri Perämäki


I’m Valtteri, a fourth year business student at Univesity of Tampere. New innovations and all things regarding digital marketing and big data are something I feel very passionate about.

I find it truly fascinating when idealistic people with great ideas and enthusiasm come together and join forces in order to create something unique. And that is exactly why I want to be a part of this wonderful thing we call Stream.