Program - Stream Festival

Eran Yarkoni

Investor, Entrepeneur, Israel Tech Gate CEO

Gideon Y. Ben-Zvi

Angel Investor, Entrepeneur, Venture Partner

Matti Copeland

Executive Director, Business Development, EY

Ossi Numminen

Angel Investor, Entrepeneur, FIBAN

Pauli Kuosmanen

Dean - Tampere University of Technology

Reetu Kainulainen

CEO & Co-Founder -

Tamir Huberman

CIO and Head of Marketing at Yissum - Technology Transfer of Hebrew University

Will Cardwell

Courage Ventures and Open Circle Capital

Atanas Gotchev

Director of CIVIT

Max Gylling

CEO - Gylling Accounting

Kasper Suomalainen

Associate - Superhero Capital VC

Jonne Kuittinen

Operations Manager - FVCA

Lasse Lehtinen

CEO - Icebreaker VC

Arto Metsänen

CEO and President – Glaston Corporation

Peter Bos

EMEIA Strategic Growth Markets Business Development Leader EY

Neve Gull

Educational entrepreneur - EduVationIL

Karoliina Lehtonen

Senior Strategist & Founder - Booming

Henna-Riika Ruotsalainen

Strategist & Partner - Booming

Tommi Pajala

CEO - Fimentum Oy

Mikko Pohjola

Innovation Services at University of Turku, Monttu Ventures Founder & CEO

Donna Kivirauma

CEO of VirtualTraveller and former CEO and Co-founder of TeamUp

Paavo Räisänen

Investment Director MAKI.VC

Jari Pajasmaa

Mentor – SPARK Finland program

Perttu Kröger

Director, OP Digital Commerce and Payments

Kristian Stolt

Customer Success Manager, Feedbackly

Heini Wallander

Business Advisor, Business Tampere

Tiina Sahakari

Project Manager - Innovative Hiedanranta, Tampere City

Lauri Lehtovuori

Head of Combient Foundry

Antti Vuolli

Head of New Digital Business - Stora Enso

Amel Gaily

Deal Flow Manager – FIBAN

Yuliya Nesterenko

Event Host, Marketing Manager - Catapult


Program will take place in Kuivaamo, Hiedanranta.

There are multiple stages and spaces to stroll around – a full day of interesting workshops, speakers, startup booths and networking.

09:00 Open doors
10:00 – 18:00 Official Program
18:00 – 20:00 After-Party Networking
19:00 Official After-Party moves downtown to celebrate TribeFest
- 1 year anniversary of Tribe Tampere
[Address: Tribe Tampere, Pinninkatu 47, 33100 Tampere]

Main Stage

09:45 – 10:00
Opening Show

Official Program starts!

10:00 – 10:15
Opening words
10:15 – 10:35
Founders Journeys

Donna Kivirauma, CEO VirtualTraveller

Founders are presenting their entrepreneurial journeys and sharing their experience:
What were the setbacks and challenges along the way, how they found their co-founders, experiences during funding rounds, and last but not least: what motivates them.

10:45 – 11:45
Israeli Startup Ecosystem Case

How does Israel, a small country with 1.5 times the population of Finland, have on a per capita basis more venture capital, more startups and more tech professionals than any other nation in the world?

The key to Israel’s innovation success?

Come and listen to our panel discussion to find out.

Will Cardwell (moderator),
Gideon Ben-Zvi,
Eran Yarkoni,
Tamir Huberman,
Neve Gull

11:55 – 12:15
Founders Journeys

Reetu Kainulainen, CEO & co-founder of

12:25 – 13:25
Investors on Stage

VC funds pitching + discussion on the state of VC in Finland.

The development of venture capital funds in Finland is very promising, but domestic VC money has seen a slow growth.

In 2017 several new VC funds were launched in Finland.

Will 2018 exceed last year's record breaking €349 million raised in venture capital by Finnish startups and growth companies?

Panelists: Matti Copeland (moderator)
Kasper Suomalainen - Superhero Capital VC
Lasse Lehtinen - Icebreaker VC
Jonne Kuittinen - FVCA
Paavo Räisänen, Investment Director MAKI.VC

13:35 – 14:35
Israeli Commercialisation of University Technology: What Can Finland Learn From the Startup Nation?

Israeli academic institutions are pioneers in managing technology transfer and bringing innovations from Universities to market. Not to mention they have an exceptional track record of generating more revenue from IP sales than any other country - except the US.

Keynote: Success Stories from Hebrew University (Briefcam, Apertio, InnerEye cases), Tamir Huberman

Jari Pajasmaa (moderator)
Tamir Huberman,
Pauli Kuosmanen,
Atanas Gotchev,
Mikko Pohjola

14:45 – 15:05
Corporate as Startup Investor

Corporates seeking faster growth started realizing that internal R&D alone won't do it. The key to industry disruption - startups.

Keynote: Case Heliotrope
Arto Metsänen CEO and President – Glaston Corporation

15:15 – 16:15
Corporate as Startup Investor - panel discussion

Heini Wallander (Moderator)
Lauri Lehtovuori - Combient Foundry
Antti Vuolli - Stora Enso
Perttu Kröger - OP Group
Kristian Stolt - Feedbackly

16:30 – 18:15
FIBAN PitchFinland

PitchFinland is the leading regularly arranged pitch event in the Nordics, presenting potential high growth startups chosen by the FiBAN investor screening board.

16:30 – PitchFinland opening & latest FiBAN News
16:50 – Keynote - FiilGood Fund, Ossi Numminen
17:15 – Pitch Presentations (3 min + Q&A)

Closing words
18:15 – 20:00


New tools for your everyday work - choose your workshop and learn by doing!

Registration required via Deal Room.

10:00 – 16:00 – Kartano

City of Tampere Investing - Find the Best Financial Support for your Labor needs

Bilmez Ramona, Jarno Hakanen, City of Tampere Employment Services

During workshop you will get practical insight of financial support City of Tampere offers. Information will be focused to each company's actual labor needs, therefore you will be able to get a clear structure on how to benefit in your case and how to proceed.


How to stand out in the market?

Henna-Riika Ruotsalainen Strategist & Partner - Booming

What differentiates your company in the market and why would your customer buy your product or service instead of others? In this workshop we provide you ideas and tools for defining your competitive advantage and communicating it in a way that helps your customer to choose your company.


Public Funding for Startups - Who, what, when and why

Tommi Pajala CEO - Fimentum Oy

A crash-course into the complex world of public funding to find out who is funding what, when and why: an overview of different public funding options currently available for startups from e.g. Business Finland, ELY and the EU, with real-world examples on how to leverage investments with public grants and loans, followed by discussions on any specific funding instruments of interest to the attendees.


Perfect Pitch – Lessons from Silicon Valley

Karoliina Lehtonen, Senior Strategist & Founder - Booming

How to create a perfect pitch that combines the topics that a specific target group wants to hear and at the same time creates a unique competitive advantage for your company? Karoliina has listened over 300 pitches in Bay Area and picked the most important do's and don'ts to share with you.


Shareholder agreement

Max Gylling, Gylling Accounting

Come and learn how the shareholder agreement can regulate how changes in the company in the future will be dealt with including how decisions will be made, what would happen if a shareholder wanted to leave and, most importantly, what would happen if the shareholders had a disagreement.


The EY 7 Drivers of Growth

Peter Bos - EMEIA Growth Markets Business Development Leader EY

What makes market leading companies so special? What has accelerated their growth and how did they sustain it? And what could you learn from this? In this interactive workshop we’ll share leading practices from market leading companies from around the world as they have progressed on their remarkable growth journeys. We’ll share with you the global insights on 7 key Drivers of Growth and why they should matter to you, today.

15:30-17:00 (90 minutes)

Power of social media in startups

Tamir Huberman - CIO and Head of Marketing at Yissum - Technology Transfer of Hebrew University

What is the magic formula for turning challenges into innovations? How to best use social networking platforms for B2B marketing? What are the common mistakes people make related to social networks?

Workshop will be a hands on" course which will give tools that can be implemented using LinkedIn.

Fireside Investors & Startups

Come and hear how team evaluation may help minimize team related risks in early stage startups. Best practices and case study shared as fireside discussions.

14:00 - 15:00
Team evaluation best practices in Israel, what can we learn?

Gideon Ben-Zvi, Eran Yarkoni, Ossi Numminen

15:00 - 16:00
Team evaluation case study - Why, how, and case StepOne Tech Ltd

Ossi Numminen angel investor, Fiil Good fund manager
Kimmo Haapanen, psychologist from Cut-e
Tuomo Isokivijärvi - CEO StepOne Tech

Industrial Garden Stage

10:30 - 11:00
Tampere Startup Ecosystem
The future smart and sustainable Tampere city district

Hiedanranta for Innovation,
Väliaikainen Hiedanranta / Hiedanrannan kehitysohjelma

Tiina Sahakari, Innovative Hiedanranta

The Hub

The Hub will go through their platform, services and tools.
The Hub is a free-of-charge community platform tailored to the needs of growth startups. It gives an overview of the Finnish and Nordic startup community by providing visibility to all Finnish startups.

Startup Demo Mad Hour

Stage time for the 15 startups with a demo booth present at the event.

Crazy Town Community

Crazy Town members on stage

Tampere Pitching Competition

Is your Tampere region-based startup or scaleup company looking for funding and new customers contacts?
Business Tampere collaborates with Stream Startup Festival to select the top 10 Tampere startups to Slush.

Pitching finalists


Kenneli D.I.Y. Indoor Skatepark
11:00 - 15:00
The Hub & Danske Matchmaking area
15:00 - 18:00
Danske Hub Invest Lounge

Hub Invest is a startup investment program by The Hub and Danske Bank. The program is directed for startups from pre-seed to seed stage, from all industries. We will prepare you for your funding round and help you connect with a wide range of angel investors at a matchmaking event in January 2019 in Helsinki, Finland.

    What we offer you:
  • Access to angel investors, from Danske Bank Private Banking and angel investor networks looking for new startup investment opportunities
  • Coaching for raising funding by industry experts - FiBAN, Inventure, experienced entrepreneurs and angel investors
  • Free Danske Bank banking package for one year

Demo Booths

It wouldn't be a startup event without Demo Booths.
Stream will select up to 15 early-stage startups to showcase their product and team at the event.



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  • Networking tool


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  • Networking tool
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