Stream Festival

Case Study - Dream Team

A powerful cheat sheet that identifies successful startup founder teams

Israeli Unit 8200 criteria-based team analysis

Screening model to minimize risks in business. Right people in the team bring the success.
Startup failure post-mortem reports show that over 50% of the startup failures are team related (Source: Arctic cofounder Startup Survey 2014, EY Survey 2017).

It’s about overcoming resistance, delivering under pressure, adapt to quick changes, doing the needed work. Because success does require a persistent desire to improve and learn from failures.

How to reduce team risk? What makes a startup founders DREAM TEAM?

Angel investor and serial entrepreneur Ossi Numminen together with team psychologists got inspired by screening practices used in Israeli and created a powerful team evaluation method to identify successful startup founder team.

All started when Ossi Numminen started his FiilGood Fund and had the aim to find a better solution to reduce team risk.

They will present the method at Stream Startup Festival in Hiedanranta, Tampere 9th of October.

Come and learn how to build a team that is psychometrically measured - based on individual qualities that are important in early stage growth company. Reduce the risks and cooperation challenges that may arise - if the screening is not done.

The startups will benefit of the screening by having the details to confirm through data to the investors that they have an A-team. Also, the info on developing areas, type of coaching needed.

Investors will have a method that will help overcome the cooperation challenges with startups and reduce the concerns about the team when making important decisions of investments.
Imagine having psychometric measurement of personal team individual qualities that are important in early-stage growth company founder teams during the DD process!

In Stream, all startup booth companies are screened using this method.